Mountaire Cruelty

It's time for Mountaire to end the cruel, archaic practice of live-shackle slaughter!

Live-shackle slaughter is a cruel and ineffective industry practice that results in hundreds of thousands of birds being boiled alive each year! Sadly, being boiled alive isn’t the only horrific consequence of this archaic slaughter practice. Thousands of birds who are improperly stunned have their throats cut while fully conscious, while millions more suffer agonizing broken bones and dislocated limbs in the final, violent moments of their lives. The entire process is gruesome from beginning to end.

Mountaire, which is led by President Phillip Plylar, Owner & Chairman Ron Cameron, and CEO Kevin Garland, and VP of Live Operations Jim Shepard, needs to end this animal cruelty now.

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Violently Shackled

The live-shackle slaughter process is horrifying from beginning to end—for both animals and workers. Chickens are violently hung upside down in metal shackles and frequently suffer from broken bones and extreme difficulty breathing. The workers, who are forced to labor in filthy conditions and in near-total darkness, are also put in constant danger, as the birds claw at and even defecate on them.


As chickens move down the slaughter line, still upside down and fully conscious, they are taken to a shallow tank of electrified water where their heads are dunked for several seconds in order to render them unconscious. Sadly, though, this method doesn’t always work, resulting in millions of chickens per year not being properly stunned before reaching the blade meant to cut them open at their throats.

Boiled Alive

The final step in this gruesome process is the scalding tanks, which use boiling water to defeather the chickens. Heartbreakingly, each year over 500,000 birds miss both the water stunning bath and the throat-slitting and are then drowned in the boiling hot water—while fully conscious.

Progress on the Issue

More than 170 major food companies
have already committed to ending live-shackle slaughter in their supply chains, including these:

Join our effort to demand that the entire chicken industry stop boiling birds alive.