Britannia Hotels Cruelty

Britannia Hotels must end its support of cruel and outdated cage systems for hens.

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Egg-laying hens are forcefully shoved inside wire cages, and on average, each hen is only afforded as little as 600cm2 of useable space — less than a single sheet of A4 paper on which to live her entire life. This intense confinement is the main source for frustration, injuries, and in many cases death.


Foot and claw damage are more frequent in cages than in other systems, with lesions, fissures, and twisted or broken claws resulting from stepping on sharp wiring every day. Often, other body parts are caught in the caging, which results in fractured or broken bones, deformities, and further feather wear.

Mental Anguish

Like any animal, chickens are highly motivated to perform natural behaviors. Hens are still unable to carry out their basic natural behaviours and this leads to immense frustration.

Progress on the Issue

Major UK food companies have already committed to going cage-free, including these:

These countries have banned battery cages